How to Save Money On Your Prom Tuxedo

Prom can cost you up to $500!  Most people spend up to $250 on a Tuxedo or even $400 on a dress.  Tickets can run you around $100, and don’t forget about your pre-prom dinner.  As a teen this is way more money than I have to spend.  How can you save money on prom?  Here is my story on how I saved money on prom this year.

This week I finally went to go rent my tuxedo, and this year I had to pay for it myself.  Last year my tuxedo was around $150, and that was one of the cheapest tuxedos.  Today I paid for my tuxedo; I got the bill and it said $69.56!  That’s about half the price of last year’s Tux rental, and I am very proud of my frugal prom shopping!  Here are 4 easy steps to renting a cheap tux.

Step 1: Find the Cheapest Jacket

No matter what you’re going to look snazzy in a tuxedo, so why not get the cheap one?  I found a tuxedo that was $59.99, and it looked just as good.  The jacket is the least important piece of attire because you only need it for pictures.  5 minutes after you show the jacket comes off, so don’t end up regretting spending extra on a nice jacket.

Step 2: Use your own shoes

I had just bought a nice pair of dress shoes last month, so why not put them to good use?  They wanted to charge me $32 to rent a pair of dress shoes, so I just said, “I’ve got my own shoes that I can make work.”  Don’t let the tuxedo store steal all of your money over a pair of uncomfortable shoes.  As long as your shoes are nice, you can save money right off the bat.  There isn’t a problem that some shoe polish can’t fix.  Heck, you could just wear your favorite pair of Converse All Stars, because that’s what is considered cool anyways.

Step 3: Trash the vest

Although the classic vest is nice, it isn’t full tank of gas nice!  They wanted to charge me an extra $40 for a vest at the rental store!  As far as I was concerned, a shirt and tie look just as nice, plus two twenties in my pocket are a lot prettier than a vest.  With the money you save on the vest, you can actually take your date out to dinner.

Step 4: Your pocket square

A small piece of fabric is cheaper than a boutonniere, so off the bat it is a better choice!  For half the price, you can rent a pocket square.  I rented mine for about 5 dollars, but if you buy one you can give it to your date as a momento.

Final thoughts

Prom is fun, but it is only a high school dance, so don’t go crazy with your money.  Be sensible and try to save where you can, but most of all have fun.

Do you have any ways you saved money during prom season?


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    True. it’s really uncomfortable when you hit the dance floor, started sweating, and you still have your coat on. There are a lot of thrift stores where you can get them cheaply. If you take the time to look, you can find the perfect one.

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