10 Best TurboTax Discount Codes and Turbo Tax Coupons

I have been using TurboTax to file my personal and business taxes for the last 13 years.  Every year I would search for discount codes and found a few, but always spent too much time trying to save a couple extra bucks.  Hopefully this list of discounts and coupons saves you time and money this year so that you can get to completing your taxes before April 15, 2021! The tax deadline for 2021 is Thursday April 15.

A few great TurboTax discounts are listed below, but first I want to address the question of downloading TurboTax for free since TurboTax is the #1 Best-Selling (brand of tax software).

TurboTax Coupon * Updated 12/15/2020 ***

We’ll keep posting the latest coupons, but based on last year, this is the best deal directly from TurboTax that I’ve seen yet.

$10-20 Off Regular Prices

TurboTax: $10-20 Off Eligible for: Deluxe, Premier and Self Employed

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TurboTax Free Download

To clarify, you can do your basic federal taxes for free with TurboTax without downloading any software.

$0 Fed +$0 State For simple tax returns only with TurboTax Free Edition.

If you need a more advanced version of TurboTax like the Home and Business or TurboTax for Business, you’ll need to purchase it.  There isn’t a free version of these programs, but you can get a highly discounted version of TurboTax with a discount.  I’ve had people ask me where can I buy TurboTax, and I usually direct them to TurboTax itself. You can use a TurboTax coupon below to save a lot of money when filing your taxes.

In my opinion, TurboTax is the best tax preparation software available.  Period.  It’s easy to use, convenient, and trusted by millions of people across the country.  Of course, it’s always nice to save money, which is why I listed out these TurboTax coupons and discounts.

When are 2021 Taxes Due?

2021 Taxes are Due Thursday April 15th.

Bank of America TurboTax Discount

There was a day that Bank of America offered a discount on TurboTax.  Last year it was possible to get a 35% discount on TurboTax through Bank of America, but as of 2014, the discount no longer is on their website.

It used to be on the FAQ page, but it has since been removed.  If you bank with BofA, you might get an email or direct mailer with a link for a discount, but don’t expect to find it on their website anymore.

Fidelity TurboTax Discount

You can get a discount on TurboTax of up to $20 dollars if you are a customer with Fidelity.  Just log into your Fidelity.com account and search “TurboTax” to pull up any offers.   Make sure you have all the statements from your investment accounts before you file your taxes with TurboTax.

Chase TurboTax Discount

I’ve banked with Chase for a long time and they’ve often had a discount for TurboTax.  However, the Chase TurboTax Coupon is no longer available as far as I could find.  If you receive emails from Chase, you may get a promotion about TurboTax, but there isn’t a general link for any discounts.

AAA TurboTax Discount

AAA customers filing with TurboTax used to see a savings of up $20 bucks, but each region varies. Whether you are a member with AAA or not, you can still get the latest TurboTax deals.

TurboTax Coupon Code and Discounts

If you have an account or membership with any of these companies below, you can get up to a 35% discount on Turbo Tax. Be sure to read through the details on each page as the terms may have changed since this publishing.

TurboTax - Choose Easy

TurboTax was providing a TurboTax Discount of $20 for a limited time. The other companies below (Fidelity, AAA, and Wells Fargo) will save “up to $20” but the $20 off discount was a better overall deal in my opinion. It also works out to be a 33% discount on the regular price of the Deluxe version, so you save even more really. As of now that discount is not applicable.

We’ll keep posting the latest coupons, but based on last year, this is the best deal directly from TurboTax that I’ve seen yet.

$10-20 Off Regular Prices

TurboTax: $10-20 Off Eligible for: Deluxe, Premier and Self Employed

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  • Wells Advantage no longer has a Discount but the $10-20 standard discounts still applies
  • Fidelity gives its members a $10-20 Discount when they log in and search for it.
  • Vanguard no longer offers members a Discount on TurboTax
  • T. Rowe Price gives a small discount on TurboTax when you log in and search.
  • USAA.com may still offer a $10 Discount on TurboTax
  • Progressive Insurance no longer offers a discount on TurboTax
  • AAA Member gives its members a $10-20 Discount on TurboTax

TurboTax Canada Coupon

If you are in Canada, you’re also in luck! TurboTax Canada has a coupon code for 10% off!