Liberty Tax Services Online Reviews for e-Filing Taxes

Liberty Tax Service Reviews and Coupon Code There’s a new option for people e-filing taxes online this year. Liberty Tax Service is now a major player in the online tax and they’re offering readers a 20% Off Liberty Tax coupon. The Liberty Tax coupon for 20% off is good for any of their online options. Liberty Tax Discount Code: LTSFLASH50 Most online tax services … [Read more...]

How to Save and Make Money on Youtube

Where can you find a teacher to sit down and teach you how to peel a banana like a monkey, how to change a tire, and how to make a potato gun at the same place?  Such a place does not exist outside the realms of modern technology.  Now we can achieve such a place, and we like to call it YouTube.  We know YouTube can make us laugh from watching the latest viral video or even … [Read more...]

Children and Allowance: A Guide to Good Parenting

As a parent, we all want our children to be successful in life.  We are the ones who are to teach them and prepare them for life, so this task is in our hands.  One way that you can teach your child to be financially successful is to teach them how to use money.  Many kids and teens are hands on learners, so in order to actually teach them about money you need to put some in … [Read more...]

5 Money Tips From Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is perhaps one of the wisest men in the history of America.  He has shared with us his expounding wisdom of life through his quotes, where as some of his most helpful and insightful quotes are about money.  If you did not know, Benjamin Franklin was the king of frugality.  His face is on the 100 dollar bill, so he may know a thing or two about finances.  Here … [Read more...]

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Everone

Need To Make Some Money? There are always times when we need a little extra cash, whether it’s for a trip or material items, the concept is the same.  Fundraising is an easy way to be able to differ some of the cost, and keep your wallet full.  The first thing you need to determine when fundraising is whether you want to go solo, or with a fundraising company. Going solo I … [Read more...]