Easy Fundraising Ideas For Everone

Need To Make Some Money?

There are always times when we need a little extra cash, whether it’s for a trip or material items, the concept is the same.  Fundraising is an easy way to be able to differ some of the cost, and keep your wallet full.  The first thing you need to determine when fundraising is whether you want to go solo, or with a fundraising company.

Going solo

I personally prefer to go solo when trying to fund a trip for things like church and school.  This is because of one reason; ALL of the money made goes to YOUR CAUSE!  You can do this a few different ways, here’s some things I’ve done.

Baking Cookies

Cookies are exceptionally cheap, and everyone loves cookies.  Make a few dozen cookies and go door to door, state your cause, and make your money.  I have found that asking for a donation price leaves it open ended, and people tend to give extra to the cause.  I made about 5-6 dozen cookies and I made $89.  The coolest part was I needed 80$ for the trip, and the cookies supplies cost $9!  Here’s a tip, try to stick with the classics like chocolate chip, to avoid food allergies.  You don’t want someone to turn you down because they’re allergic to peanut butter or nuts.

Car Wash

You can make a decent amount of money from washing cars.  This takes a larger group, and a public venue on a main road.  You will need to make signs, and have all of the cleaning supplies.  The only downside to this is that washing cars can take a while, and time lost is money lost.  Also if your price is too high, people won’t come.  If your price is too low, you won’t make enough money.  If you have a donation price, some people might not give enough.  I have found that car washes aren’t the best, because they also depend on the weather.

Car Show

This is the most expensive fundraiser to set up, because you have to buy trophies, food, and in some cases entertainment.  We’ve hosted a car show at our church for the past few years, and it has raised about $500-600 profit for our youth group.  This kind of event takes a lot of planning, advertisement, and workers.  You will need many volunteers to help organize something like this.  This is why it is a good fundraiser for a church, because you already have the parking lot and the manpower.

Fundraising Companies

Fundraising companies are good for situations but not others.  They’re great for formalized groups like school clubs, or school bands.  The downside to using a fundraising company is that you only get around 50% of the profit from the fundraiser.  Some you may get more, some less, but not all of the money goes into your pocket.

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae chocolates cost 1 dollar, but you get a 50-cent profit from each bar sold.  They come in a large box, and people love them.  A starter pack of 10 cases cost’s $1040, but you will earn a profit of $2080.  Don’t worry, they’re easy to sell, and they go quick!  To get started selling Fannie Mae chocolates visit   http://www.fanniemay.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/AjaxFundRaisingInformation?storeId=20052&catalogId=12302#chocolate.

Little Caesars Pizza Kits

Currently I am selling these pizza kits, to raise money for our school’s academic team.  I’ve been able sell these kits fairly well, because people like them.  I’ve only heard good reviews from this fundraiser.  The only downside is that you only make about $5 per item, and they cost about $16.  Regardless you can sell these pretty easily, because they’re a good deal.  To get started selling Little Caesars Pizza Kits, visit http://pizzakit.com/ViewPage.aspx?id=4.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if you need to get a sound system for your church, or you are going on a cross-country trip with your school, fundraising is a great option.  All you need to do is decide whether to go solo or company, and then get started.  Remember the longer you wait, the more money you lose, so get out there and sell!

What kind of interesting fundraising ideas have you come up with?


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    I have been checking out websites like Kickstarter quite a bit and am really anxious to present a project on one of them… They seem to work really well for indie artists, musicians and authors. Put together an impressive business plan with some help and find out what your absolute costs are as well as some unseen ones, give yourself a cushion for the time spent and present your figure. It looks like the indie artists easily get funded in the $1,000-5,000 range. It won’t make you rich but you’ll likely be enabled the funds necessary to get a project off and some advertising out of it. If planned out, it could give you enough inventory to start selling outside of that.

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