TurboTax Coupon Codes – Save 20% in 2018

turbotax discountTurboTax is one of the most popular ways to file your file your taxes.  It’s extremely easy to use and it ranks as one of the best in customer service for income tax software.  With tax professionals available via chat or phone, you can file confidently and get your maximum tax refund, guaranteed.

I personally have used TurboTax for the last 10 years and have saved hundreds of dollars doing so.  Here’s a list of the best Turbotax coupons I’ve found to give you the best savings this year.

Exclusive TurboTax Deal: Get $20 Off

How To Use a Turbo Tax Discount

The best part about using a TurboTax discount is that you don’t need to print anything or wait for a discount to be delivered to you.  We’ve partnered with TurboTax to give you a special discount this year when you file, which is great because TurboTax is the #1 Best-Selling brand of tax software!

The only thing you need to do is to click on one of the TurboTax coupons below and your discount will automatically be applied.  You can save a quick $20 or even 47% off of the state filing cost when you eFile.  Of course, the Free Federal e-File option still applies, so you can use this and the TurboTax state discount coupon to save a lot this year.

2015 TurboTax Options and Comparisons:

***Updated ** A HUGE  discount is being given for the TurboTax Federal Free Edition and STATE — BOTH ARE 100% FREE **** I am not sure how long this is going to last, so if you’re going to file your taxes, take advantage of it.

    • TurboTax Free Federal Edition: If you’re like most Americans, FREE is one of your favorite words.  That’s exactly what you’ll pay when you file your simple federal return with the e-file option.  If you have a simple return and meet the criteria, you’ll pay nothing for filing your federal return with TurboTax.
    • TurboTax Basic Edition:  If your taxes are simple but include a few extra forms that require some closer attention, you’ll benefit from the TurboTax Basic Edition.  Start with this option and TurboTax will guide you to determine if it’s right for you.  You can save up to $20 when you use our coupon link.
    • TurboTax Deluxe Edition: If you have a house, children, medical expenses, or student loan interest, this option is a great resource for you.  The best news is that the coupon links apply for this version too.
    • TurboTax Premier Edition: If you own stocks or bonds or a rental property, TurboTax will recommend that you use the Premier Edition.  Use the coupon to save money with the Premier Edition as well.

TurboTax 2018 Coupons

Filing your taxes is simple with TurboTax and even better with a coupon! Here are three additional coupons that you can simply click on to save when you file with TurboTax this year.

TurboTax Canada Coupon Code

Good news for our friends in Canada! TurboTax Canada has a coupon for 10% off!

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