Trusted Payday Review

This Trusted Payday review is designed to explain how their payday loan service work.  It’s not an endorsement or recommendation for payday loans.  It’s simply a review of Trusted Payday and how they can help you find the best lender. Need Cash?  Get up to $1000 Fast! Get Your Fast Cash!

No one likes to be scammed or feel like they’ve been taken advantage of financially.  It’s no surprise that many payday loan companies come under scrutiny for misleading consumers to use financial products like cash advances that have outrageous fees and unlawful practices.  In a recent FTC filing, multiple payday loan companies were ordered to stop the unlawful practice of charging consumers without direct consent by using bank information provided for the initial transfer of money.  It’s no wonder that online payday loan companies get such a bad rap.

But let’s not hide from the issue here – people are going to still look for no credit check payday loans and cash advance options when they’re short on cash, regardless of what the Consumer Federation says.  The obvious solution is to teach people to build an emergency fund for unexpected expenses like car repairs, but that won’t do any good for the person clicking on the first payday loan company they find online.

The most difficult part about finding a payday loan is finding a company that you trust among the hundreds of results out there.  While I do not recommend these financial products (I recommend having an emergency fund), I understand that people are looking for an option they can trust and a review that explains the product in easy to understand terms.

Trusted Payday Review

There isn’t a shortage of TV ads and online advertisements for payday loans.  It’s easy to get lost in the sea of options, so today I am reviewing Trusted Payday.

I know what you’re saying (and you should) “what makes them better than anyone else?”  That’s exactly why I wrote this review.   If you are considering a payday lender, use this review as a guide for looking over a company.  There’s no way I could have reviewed all of the hundreds of payday lenders, so I chose to review Trusted Payday.

In fact, Trusted Payday isn’t a direct lender for cash advancements. They act as an intermediary to find the best qualified company to give you the best personal loan to hold you off until your next paycheck.

Here’s How Trusted Payday Works:Trusded payday review

In about 3 minutes, you’ll be directed to a lender that fits your needs by providing Trusted Payday with your name, birth year, last four digits of your social security number, and your zip code.  Trusted Payday provides your information directly to the pre-screened lenders.

Why does this matter?  The answer is security.  It’s frankly not a good idea for you to input your personal information on every payday site you find.  With Trusted Payday, you don’t have to wonder if you’re applying to a scam lender because they have been screened beforehand.  You can read more in their privacy policy and terms.

At the end of the day, you have to do your research and know who you’re dealing with.  This Trusted Payday review was meant to explain how they help you find a lender.  It is not an endorsement for payday loans.


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