How to Set Up an Account on Ebates

Get paid to shop…

The first thing we think when we hear “get paid to shop” is scam, but one website that legitimately pays you to shop. is an affiliate site to the major retailers like Wal-Mart and Target.  Ebates receives a commission from all of the sales that are made through their site, and in return, they share some of that commission with the customer.  Setting up an account is fast and easy, and in no time, you can get cash back for shopping online.

Here is how to set up an account.

Step 1

Go to  Once you access their website, a window should pop up asking you to set up an account.  If not, then in the top right hand corner of the window is a link that says “Sign up.”  Once you find it, click it.  Next, it should redirect you to a new page.

Step 2

On the right hand column of the page there is a box titled “Join now it takes 15 seconds!”  In the box titled Email, type in a currently active email address that of which you have access.

Step 3

Directly underneath the Email box, there will be a box titled password.  Here make a password that is 6-12 characters long.

Step 4 (Optional)

Directly underneath the password box, there is a box titled who referred you?  If you were referred by a friend, type in their email address.  If you were not referred, do not worry, because this step is not mandatory.


Once you have completed at least steps 1-3 you have successfully started an Ebates account.  Later on, you may have to fill out your address, just so they can mail you gift cards and such.  That’s all there is to setting up an account with


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