How To Sell Stuff on Craigslist in 10 Easy Steps

Selling items on Craigslist is extremely easy, fast, and most of all FREE! It can take less than 5 minutes, and you will be on your way to making some money. With craigslist there is no need for shipping, because your listing is local. Selling takes only 10 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose your area

On choose the city nearest you, for buying and selling. This will narrow your search results down, to only local listings.

Step 2: Post to classifieds

After choosing your area, you should return to the craigslist homepage. On the homepage click the link that says “Post to classifieds”.

Step 3: Choose what kind of listing

Craigslist should redirect you to a page, where you choose what kind of listing you would like to post. For example a gig offered, or item for sale.

Step 4: Choose a category

Choose a category of item you’d like to sell. You can choose to sell as a Private seller or a Dealer if you have a business.

Step 5: Choose your subarea

Within your major city, there will be sub areas from you to choose from.

Step 6: Describe your item

On this page you will need to do the following: create a title, name your price, set your location, put your email, and write a concise description of your item. Once all the fields have been completed click continue.

Step 7: Choose your pictures (optional)

At this point you will have the choice to add pictures, which might increase your odds of selling, but is completely optional. Click the browse pictures button, and locate the file of the picture you would like to use. Highlight the file, and click upload. Once you have uploaded all of your pictures, click continue.

Step 8: Review your listing

You will be brought to the last page of the listing, where you will review your listing. If you are happy with your listing click continue. On the other hand if there is something you want to change, click the edit pictures, or edit text.

Step 9: Confirm by Email

Open the email that you used for the listing, and find the email from craigslist. Open the email, and click on the link to confirm the email.

Step 10: Accept terms of use

The last step to listing your item is to read and accept craigslist’s Terms of Use, to make sure you aren’t selling anything illegal.
Once you have completed the 10 steps you will have completed the listing. If you desire to edit the listing or relist the item, you will have to find the email from craigslist and click the link. On that page craigslist will give you 3 options: renew your listing, edit your listing, or delete your listing. That is all there is to know about selling on

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