How To Buy Glasses Online

With the high cost of buying eyeglasses, people may consider taking advantage of the considerable savings from buying their glasses online. Though this may seem like a risky prospect for those who have had their glasses fitted in-person for years, you can quickly learn the tricks for getting them over the internet.

The Price Advantage of Buying Glasses Online

Buying your eyeglasses online can save you up to 80 percent over the cost of glasses you purchase at a traditional retail eyeglass or department store. The frames are as well-made and fashionable as those at traditional stores. Many sites have the same brand names.

Some sites design their own frames, which gives customers more exciting choices. Some sites will send the frames to you for approval in advance of the purchase. Of course, since you cannot ensure that the quality of the frame is high or that the prescription is correct, only purchase from an online site that offers a customer-friendly return or replacement policy.

Obtain Your Prescription

To order glasses online, you will need a current eye prescription. You can get your current prescription from your previous eye doctor. If it’s time to have your eyes checked, have the exam and then use the new prescription for your online purchase.

Know Your Pupillary Distance

Another important piece of information for making your eyeglasses is the papillary distance. This measurement is the distance between the centers of the pupils of your eyes. This number ensures that you the lenses are ground correctly for the size and shape of your face. You can measure this distance yourself by using a mirror and ruler. Simply look into the mirror and hold the ruler up to your eyes. Note the distance from the center of one pupil to the other. You can have someone help you to see this more accurately if you have a problem with it.

Choosing Your Frame

Chances are, you have some experience picking out frames at traditional eyeglass stores. You may already know that a pair of glasses with a high upper frame doesn’t flatter you. Maybe frames with a round lens are unflattering. You might want to choose a frame similar to one you know looks good on you. If you want a frame that is completely different than previous ones you’ve worn, find out if the online site has a way to let you “test” the frame in advance of an order.

Guarantees and Returns

Research the return policies of the site and ensure that you understand the guarantee that is offered. If the prescription does not seem correct when you get your glasses, or you are unhappy with the quality of the frames, you may need to use this service of the online company. You may wish to go to your eye doctor for additional fitting of your frames after you receive them.

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