Free Ways to Watch Movies Online (Legally)

The internet is full of places that have free movies and music, but 99% of them are not legal.  Nobody wants to pay for the gas needed to go to the movie store, and then pay a few bucks for the movie!  On the other hand, nobody wants to be sued for copyright infringement.  There actually is a way to supply your movie watching needs without spending money or breaking the law.  Yes, I said free and legal movies!

Hulu is a great way to watch free movies, and they come in great quality.  The way that Hulu is free is because they make you watch commercials during your movie.  This way, they can pay royalties to the copyrighters.  The commercials are only a minute, so it isn’t much of a nuisance.  Other than that, the movies themselves come in great quality.

This website claims to be 100% legal, and was set up to stop copyright infringement.  They have a collection of movies from other hosting websites like  They are free and legal, but if you visit the website, you will realize that they do not have a very large selection.  If you want free movies, lack of selection is the price you will have to pay.  Although the quality of the movies might not be the best and they have a small selection, there are websites that host quite a bit more movies, but it might cost some money.


Netflix cost about 10 bucks a month, but it is well worth it!  They have thousands of movies that stream in 1080i HD.  Although it has many movies, they usually do not have many of the new releases.  They do have a wide selection of Independent movies, if you like that kind of thing.  Netflix might not be for you unless you watch more than 10 movies a month.  If you only watch a movie here or there, then the next choice may be for you.


I know it is not a website, but it should be mentioned.  Redbox offers 1$ movies, where as a movie store might charge up to $4.  In more populated cities, there are practically redboxes at every corner.  Most Wal-Mart’s have a redbox in them.  Our redbox is at the corner gas station, Walgreens, and Dollar General.  Some place you can even walk to a redbox.  This means you get a cheap movie and some exercise.

Final Thoughts

Piracy is Illegal, and you should never watch pirated movies.  It is not fair to the people that produced the movie.  The only way to stop piracy is to start with yourself and stop watching illegal movies.  Have fun watching your free/cheap movies, and do not get yourself into trouble.


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