Tips for Scholarship Essays

The last few months I have been applying to colleges and scholarships, and let’s just say it has been a learning process.  I have had some failures and some successes, but I did learn how to have better chances in success when it comes to things like scholarship essays.  Here are some tips that I had to learn the hard way. Always use a professional email address Whether you … [Read more...]

Building an Emergency Disaster Kit

Many of us have seen National Geographic’s smash hit TV show called “Doomsday Preppers.”  Most of the people who have seen it have thought, boy those people are crazy!  Maybe they are, but at least they are prepared.  How prepared are you for an emergency or disaster?  Here is a checklist on the things you might need to become one step closer to becoming a sensible … [Read more...]

SAT and ACT Test Taking Tips

Today I was blessed with the gracious opportunity to spend 5 hours of my day doing what every teenager wishes that they could be doing, I took the SAT.  Ok, so it may be safe to say that nobody actually likes taking standardized tests, but it’s one thing that you have to do in life, as long as you want to go to college.  You may get out of the actual SAT test by taking an … [Read more...]

Tips For Time Management

Time is scarce, especially when you spend 7 hours of your day at school or 8+ hours at work.  On top of that, many college students get part time jobs to solve their money issues to pay for car insurance and gas.  The problem is that students are trying to juggle their life between school, work, and free time.  For some, this task could be overwhelming!  All you need is some … [Read more...]

How to Set Up an eBay Account in Less Than 5 Minutes

Fast and Simple.. Setting up and eBay account is simple and only takes a few minutes. With an eBay account you can buy things from eBay easily, and set up an eBay seller’s account. You will need 3 things to set up an account with eBay: an email address, a name, and 18 years of life under your belt. To set up an eBay account, first go to Once you’re … [Read more...]