SAT and ACT Test Taking Tips

Today I was blessed with the gracious opportunity to spend 5 hours of my day doing what every teenager wishes that they could be doing, I took the SAT.  Ok, so it may be safe to say that nobody actually likes taking standardized tests, but it’s one thing that you have to do in life, as long as you want to go to college.  You may get out of the actual SAT test by taking an alternative such as the ACT, but nonetheless, they are both tests.  Here are some tips that could possibly help you ace the SAT or ACT.

Study, Study, Study

I’m not saying that you need to grab an algebra and geometry book and read them front to back while memorizing the whole dictionary, but you should do some studying.  There are some good phone apps such as SAT Vocab by Mind Snacks.  This app turns learning boring SAT vocab into a fun educational game.  Don’t believe me?  Try it out!  There are also practice tests on the College Board website at  The best way to do well on the SAT is to be prepared.

Eat, Eat, Eat

It’s always harder to think on an empty stomach, so don’t have one!  Eat a big breakfast, full of grains and proteins.  For example, I ate an egg on a bagel with roast beef and cheese for breakfast, yum!  Other great foods to eat are things like oatmeal and yogurt.  Another eating tip is to bring a snack with you to eat on the breaks.  You have the extra time, so why not bring a few granola bars to keep down your hunger.

ACT vs. SAT Question Guessing

On the ACT, there is no penalty for wrong answers, so feel free to guess away!  Of course, you want to narrow down your answers as much as possible, but if you can’t, choose a random answer.  Here are some tricks I like to use when I’m guessing a question.  Choose whichever answer you haven’t answered in the longest amount of time.  Answers are usually equally proportionate in frequency, so if an answer hasn’t been used in a while, it is going to come up soon.  Another guessing strategy is to choose the longest answer, because apparently it’s longer than the rest for a reason.  When in doubt, just guess B or C, they tend to be your best bet when all else fails.

The SAT is a bit trickier in nature, because there is a ¼-point deduction for wrong answers.  Hers is how you should go about answering questions on the SAT.  If you know the answer beyond a doubt, then put it.  If you don’t know it at first glance, then narrow down the choices.  If you can’t eliminate more than 2 answers, then DON’T ANSWER AT ALL!  There are no deductions for not answering a question, so don’t worry if you leave a few blank.

Final Thoughts

The best way to do well on a test is to relax and don’t worry about it.  Many people suffer from test anxiety, so don’t be one of “those guys” that freak out and does badly on their test because of it.  Keep calm and follow the tips and you’ll be on your way to Harvard Law in no time!

Good Luck on your test!

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