5 Cheap Hobby Ideas

1) Drawing

Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies, plus it is extremely inexpensive.  All you need to draw is a pencil and some paper.  A pack of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils ( the #1 pencil out there in my opinion) will only cost you 2 or 3 bucks and a pad of sketch paper is only about 1 dollar.  For under 5 bucks you have a month or more of hobby supplies that you can do for the rest of your life, regardless of age, physical shape, or financial situation.

2) Singing

Everyone can sing, singing well is a totally different ball park, but nonetheless everyone can sing.  The best part about this activity is that it is FREE!  Not only is it free, but singing is a fun and rewarding past time, and this is another activity that is not restricted by anything!  It doesn’t matter whether your tall or short, thick or thin, fast or slow, singing has no limits.  Whether you are in the shower, the car, or the stage, singing can become your new favorite cheap hobby.

3) Card games

When  is the last time you’ve broken out a game of euchre or rook with your family and friends, or for those people who like more simple card games (like me), when is the last time you’ve played UNO?   Heck, if you don’t know any card games you can do one of two things: make a card house, or look up the rules on the internet.  A deck of cards is only a few dollars and will last you an eternity granted that you don’t lose them.  Start a Friday night card game night with friends and spend a few hours each week having some frugal fun with friends!

4) Walking, Running, Swimming

The world is 71% water, so finding somewhere free to swim should be a synch!  You could swim at a lake, a friends pool, the ocean, or even a puddle if you can find one big enough.  The world is at your exposure so swim it up!  You can get great exercise while making it a fun cheap hobby.  The rest of the word is 29% land, so those who have legs can do these next two activities.  Walking is a great exercise activity that can be very fun and social.  It is a low pace activity, so you can walk and talk with a friend, walk your dog, or even walk with your family, and keep in touch with those loved ones.  Running is a little more high intensity, but also very rewarding.  Many people love to run with a partner, or just want to keep in shape, regardless of their reasons, they are engaging in a free activity.

5) Building Furniture

This may sound like a really weird hobby, but it could actually save or even make you money.  If you are good with a drill or a hammer, you could be on your way to becoming the neighborhood furniture salesman.  While I was looking on the internet, I found cool designs for things called pallet furniture.  Pallet furniture is furniture made from shipping pallets, and it looks AWESOME!  You can get shipping pallets for free from businesses, and you will save tons of money while furnishing your home.  You can also get free scrap wood from construction sites to create other pieces of furniture.  Another fun thing with this is to get free furniture from Craigslist’s free section.  You can then take this free furniture and refurbish it, and possibly even resell it.  Whether you keep the furniture or sell it, you still have a fun and frugal hobby.

What are some cheap hobbies that you enjoy?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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