Children and Allowance: A Guide to Good Parenting

As a parent, we all want our children to be successful in life.  We are the ones who are to teach them and prepare them for life, so this task is in our hands.  One way that you can teach your child to be financially successful is to teach them how to use money.  Many kids and teens are hands on learners, so in order to actually teach them about money you need to put some in … [Read more...]

5 Expensive Bad Habits

Bad habits tend to seem harmless at first, but they usually end up hurting you more than you could ever imagine.  Some will cause health problems with prolonged usage, while some will just eat away at your wallet.  Here are 5 bad habits that will make you go broke unless you change your ways. Smoking I don’t know how many times I have heard people tell me how bad smoking is.  … [Read more...]

Save Money Cooling Your House This Summer

Keeping cool during the summer can be hard if you don’t want to turn on the A/C.  The truth is, if it’s not blistering hot outside (90+ degrees F), you shouldn't even have to turn on the A/C!  The secret lies all around us, it’s called moving air.  As long as you have air moving through your WHOLE house, then it will stay cool. The reason I said whole house is because a … [Read more...]

Quicken Essentials for Mac Review

quicken essentials install

I’ve been using Intuit products for years and most recently found the Quicken Essentials for Mac program.  I’ve been using the Quickbooks Online program for my business income and have been really happy with how easy it is to manage everything. So, I thought I’d give Quicken Essentials for Mac a try and I can say the same thing – it’s really easy to manage everything on my … [Read more...]