Quotes for Homemade Birthday Cards

Everyone loves to get plenty of birthday cards because it shows them how much they are loved by family and friends. You can just go to the store and purchase any birthday card but, where is the love in that? The best way to show someone you care is by making them a homemade birthday card. There are many ways you can accomplish this, you can make them out of cardstock or print them out from your computer.

To make a homemade greeting card out of card stock is very simple. First, you must gather your materials such as: scissors, glitter, embellishments, paint, markers, stickers, and cardstock or resistant paper. Then, you fold the cardstock in half and decorate it with glitter, pearls, pictures and quotes. Remember, be creative your family member is sure to appreciate a homemade card because they know that you put your time and effort to make it.

Another way you can make homemade birthday cards is by using scrapbook software. This is special software that allows you to change the background, add pictures, provide and clever quotes. You simply edit it to your liking and print. It’s that simple! There are also many websites that have online and printable greeting cards such as 123greetings.com. This website is great because it has cute and funny B-day cards that you van send via email. Birthdays are a special time, making homemade B-day cards can make them even more special.

Birthday card quotes

1. Roses are red violets are blue
I hope you have some hair die for your brand new hair hue!”

As the years go by …another kitty cat
Happy birthday you old bat!” (Try to find a picture of a white or gray cat with hair curlers)

2. “Mom, I just wanted to say how you haven’t aged one bit ( I can get you the whole line of Olay wrinkle creams) you deserve all the cake and ice cream in the world……forget your skinny jeans and go for it. Happy Birthday! “(You can put a picture of a dog or cat trying to fit into a pair of skinny jeans)

3. “To my beloved friend: another day another dollar!
Heck if that were true you’d be a billionaire by now!
Happy birthday you old hag! “(Any type of drawing with an elderly person with bags of money on the cover works)

4. “Happy birthday you party animal….
Have a huge piece of birthday cake and drop it like it’s hot.”
(You can put a cute kitten or puppy with party accessories on the cover)

5. “Everyone says to try and age with grace…..don’t worry I got you Botox injections and a face lift for your birthday. Have a surgical birthday.” (Find a picture of an animal with its face stretched out or an animal about to get a facelift)

6. “To my friend,
I just wanted to say….Have a happy birthday and I did not just go to your party for the cake (I probably did)” (you can put a picture of a cute cupcake cartoon with really big eyes)

7. “You deserve to let loose on your party……have tons of beer and party till you’re purple.” (You can put a picture a drunken tipsy cartoon with a purple face on the cover or a picture of Barney the Dinosaur)

8. “Happy birthday my little girl, no one is as special and pretty.
You are so smart and sharp and extremely witty.
You are friendly and caring and I what to tell you how much you mean to me… I love you so very much and I wish you a very happy birthday.” (You can find a picture with plenty of hearts glitter works well with small girls and teen girls

9. “To my precious little daddy’s girl…..what birthday? (You can put a picture of father and daughter or a carton girl with her dad.)

10. “Happy birthday mommy, I wanted to tell you that I love you this much “(you can put any cute animal or even a picture of you with your arms stretched out.”

“To mommy,
On your birthday you are meant to be pampered here’s your To-Do list

• Have a big breakfast in bed complete with pancakes
• Spa day complete with mani-pedi and a facial
• Nap for hours
• And finally eat 12 pounds of birthday cake.” ( you can put a picture or carton of a woman with a face mask)

11. “To grandma,
You are special unique and one-of-a-kind
You love cats of any kind
No one loves you more than me
I hope you have a birthday with plenty of glee.”

12. “Grandpa you mean the world to me,
You showed me many things
Took me to many places
Showed me how much you care……No it’s my turn to show my love to you,
Have the best birthday ever!”


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