Lending Tree Review

My wife and I just purchased a new home and landed a 30-year rate at 3.75%. We are very happy about our new home and mortgage to say the least!

If we had to do it all again, I would most definitely start with .  We’ve all seen their commercials and most people know that Lending Tree brings mortgage brokers and banks to you, as their tag line states, “When banks compete, you win.”

So what exactly does Lending Tree do for you?  If you’ve ever purchased a new home or worked through the refinance process, you understand the amount of time involved in getting a good rate and putting together all the paperwork, appraisals, and everything else.  Lending Tree saves you time by bringing the best options to you so that you can easily compare the offers without any pressure.  The best part of this is that Lending Tree is free. lending tree review

You can make the decision in the comfort of your home, but expect a few phone call follow-ups along the way.  You will most likely hear from banks the same day that you request a quote, so be ready for that.

Getting Started With Lending Tree

The process really is simple.  Lending Tree outlines the process into three easy steps:

1. Fill out ONE online form.

2. Receive multiple offers

3. Choose your lender

Whether you’re an independent person or someone who likes guidance every step of the way, using Lending Tree is a real time saver that helps you to make the best decision when finding a lender.

Lending Tree: Not Just for Home Loans

Lending Tree is known for finding people great home mortgages and refinancing options, but that’s not all they do.  You can use Lending Tree for home mortgages, refinancing, auto loans, and even insurance.  Their website even has free financial calculators for you to use.

Give Lending Tree a Try!

Look, there are a bunch of financial products and companies that aren’t worth your time or money.  Lending Tree is different – they exist to save you time and money, plus their service is free!  They are paid from the lenders who compete for your business, so it’s absolutely free to you.

So if you’re in the market for a new home mortgage, auto loan, or insurance, do yourself a favor and give Lending Tree a try!


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