Get Your Taxes Won With H&R Block Coupon Code and Discounts

Get Your Taxes Won! 

H&R Block coupons are available for filing online as well as for filing in person. Here are the most common and best H&R Block coupons available for 2017.

3 Reader Appreciation H&R Block Coupons

• Free H&R Block Deluxe + State Software Offer (Explained Below)

• 10% Additional Refund from H&R Block  (When you turn your refund into a gift card)

• 15% Off H&R Block (Basic, Deluxe or Premium)

A Quick H&R Block Review

H&R Block offers a few different versions of their software depending on your individual needs. Here’s a quick summary of what each provides:

H&R Block Free Version: Free Federal return and $9.99 to file your state return. Automatically imports W2; ‘real-time’ refund tool that shows why your refund is increasing or decreasing; 5% bonus option.

H&R Block Basic: For about $20, you can import previous return from H&R Block, TurboTax, and TaxAct. Free technical support via chat or phone and 6 year tax document storage is available. 5% bonus option is also available.

H&R Block Deluxe: Priced at $29.99, the deluxe option gives you all of the Basic features, plus lets you add your mortgage interest, investments and dividends, as well as charitable donations. There is a 10% Extra Bonus option available as well.

H&R Block Premium Edition: If you a self employed or own rental properties, H&R Block provides a Premium Edition that allows you to maximize your business deductions with a Schedule C as well as the Schedule E. You get everything in the Deluxe version plus a 10% Extra Bonus option.

TurboTax vs. H&R Block

If you’d like to read my full review on TurboTax, check it out here.

If you’re considering the switch from TurboTax to H&R Block, you can get a free copy of the Deluxe + State desktop software if you’ve already purchased TurboTax’s Basic or Deluxe software for 2014.

Here are two big reason a lot of folks are switching from TurboTax to H&R Block:

Since TurboTax is no longer supporting the Schedule A tax form in their Basic product, users will have to pay for a premium version (TurboTax Deluxe an extra $40) in order to claim mortgage interest, charitable giving, and HSAs. H&R Block users can still use the Basic version to file their schedule A form – only costing about $20 to file with the Basic version. H&R Block provides instructions on how to get the free copy of H&R Block Deluxe + State.

Can you import TurboTax information into H&R Block? Yes

What is the 5% or 10% Extra Bonus at H&R Block?

H&R Block users can also get a 5% bonus ON TOP of their federal refund when they put some or all of their refund on e-gift cards available for certain retailers through H&R Block.

When your refund is ready, you can choose to receive the refund as a gift card from awesome retailers such as Target. When you choose a retailer (like Target or Best Buy) H&R Block will add 5% to your card if you filed with the Free or Basic edition and they’ll add 10% of your refund to the card if you filed with the Deluxe, Premium, or Premium & Business option.HR Block Coupon


Be sure to use one of the H&R Block Discounts to get your biggest refund available.

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