How to Get Free Coupons In the Mail

We have all heard those crazy stories of people who have gotten a bag of M&M’s without any red ones, and they got a free year’s supply of red M&M’s, because they complained to the manufacturer.  Not everyone has the case to get crazy awesome free merchandise like that, but it does not mean you will not get anything.  Manufacturers will send you coupons just for contacting them, and sometimes you get lucky and they will send you free merchandise.  Here is how to contact manufactures.

Contact us

Every company website has a contact us tab or link somewhere on their website.  If you can find this, you are on your way to some coupons or merchandise.  In the contact us tab, some companies will have an area to contact them about a product.  It is best if you contact them about a specific product, this optimizes your chance of getting coupons.  Next, you will have to compose a message about the product.

Compliment vs. Complaint

There are two ways to go about contacting the manufacturer about a product, and they are both equally effective…

Complaining is only necessary if there is a legitimate cause for your complaint.  If you have found a defect with an item, or are displeased with the quality, this is the route to go.  Remember there is no need to be nasty with your words!  When you say, “I hate this product” and “It was a waste of money” it makes you sound unprofessional and your case sound illegitimate.  Keep your complaint short, concise and to the point.  Remember someone actually has to read your complaint, so do not ramble.  When complaining, it is best for you to be as specific as possible.  Be sure to include things like Model number, serial number, pictures if possible, and UPC.

Complimenting seems to be the best way to contact a manufacturer on a casual basis.  You can let the manufacturer know how much you appreciate or love their product.  Tell them how well it works for you or maybe how you like the way it looks.  Compliments also need to be short, because like before real people have to read your compliments.

Check the mailbox

After contacting the manufacturer, keep an eye on both the mailbox and the inbox.   The manufacturer should contact you within a few days.  Do not expect to get merchandise or coupons 100% of the time, but most of the time you will get something in the mail.  These manufacturers’ coupons can be redeemed at almost any store, and are a great way to save money.

Ideas for whom to contact

What products do you use the most?  If you use your dish soap all the time, contact Dawn and tell them how great it is.  Can’t get enough of those Ho-Hos?  Shoot over a message to Hostess and get a discount on your next box.  Go through every room in your house and make a note of all the products you use and their manufacturers.  Then choose 5 or 6 of those manufacturers to contact every day.  If you do this, you will have a steady flow of coupons coming in the mail.  Try not to contact the same manufacturer more than once in a day, or within a few days.

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