How To Buy a Used Guitar

There are three reliable ways to buy a used guitar: eBay, Craigslist, and Guitarcenter’s used section.  Some people like to get things new, but this isn’t always the best way to go about buying guitars.  In fact, you can check out our article on guitars under $100. When you buy a guitar new, you pay twice what you could get it for used. Others like brand new merchandise because there’s no wear and tear on it. If you buy a guitar and actually use it, it will accumulate a few dings or scratches over time. With that said, here is how you buy a used guitar.

3 Best Ways to Buy a Used Guitar


To buy a used guitar on eBay, go to eBay’s website. Next type the model of the guitar you would like to purchase into the search bar. For example, “Fiesta Red Fender Stratocaster ’59 Reissue.” Your search results will show a list of those guitars. Click on the guitars you are interested in, and check out their pictures to make sure they are in good shape. Once you have found the guitar you want, you are ready to make your purchase.

If it is a buy-it-now price, click buy it now and go through eBay’s buying process. If it is an auction, place your max bid. If you end up with the highest bid, you will win the auction, and the guitar is yours. This process is made easier if you have an eBay account. To set up an eBay account, see my article “How to set up an eBay Account.”


Buying guitars on craigslist is very easy. First go to craigslist and select your area/ city. Then just search for the model guitar of which you are interested. Click on any of the post’s that interest you. If you want to buy the item, you can contact the seller. The post will contain the sellers email address. There are many great reasons for using craigslist: you can meet up with the seller, check out the guitar in person, and barter with them. This ensures a hassle free buying experience.

Guitarcenter Used

Guitarcenter’s used section is a no nonsense way to buy used gear. Go to, and click on the used tab. In the right hand column search bar, type the model of guitar desired. A list of guitars will appear. Find the guitar that suits you, and click on it. This will give you the store’s telephone number.

Call the store during store hours, and ask the clerk if they still have that particular guitar in their store. If they do then tell them you would like to purchase it, and they will ask you for some personal information. Then just give the clerk the information he asks for, and they will ship the guitar to your door. For this method, you need a credit card.

Remember to do your research before you buy and if it seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably it.

Have you bought a used guitar recently?  What advice would you give?

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