What is the Price of Stamps in 2015?

What is the price of a stamp? The price of US postage stamps are NOT increasing in 2015. An increase of $0.03 from 2013 stamp prices made the price of US postage stamps equal to $0.49 which has not changed since last year. The last increase in the price of postage stamps is was on January 26, 2014.  The increase of $0.03 is equal to about 6.52% increase over 2013. What is … [Read more...]

High Interest Online Bank Accounts

It seems that almost everything is offered to us online.  We can shop online in our pajamas, keep up with old friends via social networking, get car insurance, and even read my wonderful blog.  We trust the internet for so many things, yet many people are weary about choosing an online bank account.  Something about putting all of our money into the hands of some person we have … [Read more...]

Children and Allowance: A Guide to Good Parenting

As a parent, we all want our children to be successful in life.  We are the ones who are to teach them and prepare them for life, so this task is in our hands.  One way that you can teach your child to be financially successful is to teach them how to use money.  Many kids and teens are hands on learners, so in order to actually teach them about money you need to put some in … [Read more...]

Trusted Payday Review

Trusded payday review

This Trusted Payday review is designed to explain how their payday loan service work.  It’s not an endorsement or recommendation for payday loans.  It's simply a review of Trusted Payday and how they can help you find the best lender. No one likes to be scammed or feel like they’ve been taken advantage of financially.  It’s no surprise that many payday loan companies come … [Read more...]

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act Explained

obama student loan forgiveness chart

Student loan debt overwhelms thousands of students who want to go to college, but can’t afford the high tuition rates.  If you graduated with $30k, $40k, or $50k+ in student loans, you’re not alone.  Making the payments on student loans can be very difficult, especially if you are having trouble finding a decent job. Fortunately, there are student loan forgiveness programs … [Read more...]