What is the Price of Stamps in 2015?

What is the price of a stamp?

The price of US postage stamps are NOT increasing in 2015. An increase of $0.03 from 2013 stamp prices made the price of US postage stamps equal to $0.49 which has not changed since last year.

The last increase in the price of postage stamps is was on January 26, 2014.  The increase of $0.03 is equal to about 6.52% increase over 2013.

What is the current cost of a stamp?

2013: $0.46

2014: $0.49

2015: $0.49

Why did stamp prices increase?

The US Postal Office had nearly a $20 billion budget gap for 2013. As a way to help meet budget needs, the USPS is increased the price of postage in 2014. By law, the increase in the price of a stamp is capped at the rate of inflation measured by the CPI-U.  The press release by the US Postal Office can be read here.

The good news is that the proposed increase will generate about $2 million for the USPS.

Additional Postage Changes That Took Place In 2014 price of a stamp

Letters: 3 cent increase ($0.49)

Postcards: 1 cent increase ($0.34)

International Letter: $1.15

Remember that you can buy forever stamps this year and they’ll be good…you guessed it…forever.

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