Best Medifast Coupon Codes for 2016

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Medifast Coupons to Save Up to 30% and Get Free Shipping If you are considering any of the meal replacement plans from Medifast, you need to know about the most recent offers and deals available. Your success with Medifast depends on these 3 things: Your Commitment – You have decided that it’s time to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Nice work! Medifast has been … [Read more...]

Top 5 TurboTax Questions Answered

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When it comes to filing your taxes online, TurboTax is by far one of the best tax software available. I know this because I’ve been using them for the last 9 years – both for personal and business taxes. Along the way, I’ve asked a bunch of questions and found a lot of good answers about how to use TurboTax better and what to expect. Here are some of the top TurboTax … [Read more...]

How To Watch the Baseball Playoffs for Free

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Can you watch the 2015 MLB playoffs without paying for cable? I am, and it’s completely legal. The playoffs are being broadcasted by TBS, and if you don’t have cable, you can’t watch it. Sure, you could go to the bar and watch the game, but if you want to watch it for free in your home, there IS a way to stream TBS (Yes, LEGALLY) without having cable. In fact, I’m … [Read more...]

What is the Best Home Use Elliptical Trainer Under $1000?

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Looking for a Home Elliptical Trainer Under $1000? If you are in the market for an elliptical under $1,000 you’re in the right place. This article is a review of the 2015 Best Elliptical Trainers for home use under $1000. We’ve done our best to research the market so that you can stay in your budget and find the Best Elliptical Trainer for less than $1,000. Best Elliptical … [Read more...]

Get Your Taxes Won With H&R Block Coupon Code and Discounts

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Get Your Taxes Won!  H&R Block coupons are available for filing online as well as for filing in person. Here are the most common and best H&R Block coupons available for 2017. 3 Reader Appreciation H&R Block Coupons • Free H&R Block Deluxe + State Software Offer (Explained Below) • 10% Additional Refund from H&R Block  (When you turn your refund into … [Read more...]