Save Money on Car Repairs

The other day I had the joy of backing into a parked tractor-trailer.  The trailer that I hit broke my passenger’s side rear tail light and bashed in my trunk lid, yet the trailer was untouched.  I really lucked out on this accident, but since I drive a Cadillac, the repairs are still going to cost me quite some money.  The problem is that I only have liability insurance, so … [Read more...]

Save Money on the Things You Need Most

Certain people seem to simply have a gift for attracting bargains. The truth is, deals are out there for everyone, it is just a matter of knowing where to look and doing a little preparation in advance. Extreme couponers don't randomly walk into a store and walk out with hundreds of dollars worth of products for pennies. With just a few simple savings tips, you can begin to … [Read more...]

How to Save Money On Your Prom Tuxedo

Prom can cost you up to $500!  Most people spend up to $250 on a Tuxedo or even $400 on a dress.  Tickets can run you around $100, and don’t forget about your pre-prom dinner.  As a teen this is way more money than I have to spend.  How can you save money on prom?  Here is my story on how I saved money on prom this year. This week I finally went to go rent my tuxedo, and … [Read more...]

5 Money Tips From Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is perhaps one of the wisest men in the history of America.  He has shared with us his expounding wisdom of life through his quotes, where as some of his most helpful and insightful quotes are about money.  If you did not know, Benjamin Franklin was the king of frugality.  His face is on the 100 dollar bill, so he may know a thing or two about finances.  Here … [Read more...]

5 Cheap Dates for Frugal Romance

You just met this great girl (or guy), and you want to take them out to a date.  The problem is you don’t have a lot of money to spend.  Don’t worry; many of us have been in the same exact position.  The good news is that there is a solution to this problem.  Take the person on a cheap, yet fun date!  There are tons of great date ideas out there, that only cost a few bucks, and … [Read more...]